Weekly photo challenge – Window


The photo challenge theme from WordPress this week is Window.  I didn’t have to look back far to find a photo I could blog about.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried out the process for creating panoramas – those really panoramic panoramas.  I didn’t want to tackle my first one out in the open, where others would see me – see me fuss and fumble – so, I started in my loungeroom.

It’s an interesting experience, working on a process that seeks a horizon in a location where there is none.

Rather than repeat all the technical stuff today, if you’re interested you can check out the original panorama post here.

A window is often used in imagery as a way of contrasting inside and outside.  We are either encouraged to venture out by something enticing seen through the window, or we are encouraged to stay in to avoid some unpleasantness.

Another type of window image tries to say “There is no difference” by blending the outside and inside, removing the boundary line.

I’ve selected an image that doesn’t do either of those.  It’s not even a picture of a window, though the glass is certainly very central and there is clearly an inside and outside.  I’m not sure what my photo is saying, now that I’ve removed from its original post and asked it to stand here alone?


Manual Photomerge panorama


While writing, I remembered another window image that I use on my Starting Point page:

“This image was taken at the gold mill ruins at Adelong, NSW.  This view of the remains of the overseer’s cottage involves the unusual event of looking in through a window and seeing blue sky. It reminds me that setting aside expectations creates space for new viewpoints, new ideas and new opportunities.”

Starting Point 2





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