Point of departure


Adelong Detail 3
Overseer’s Cottage, Gold Mill Ruins, Adelong


Standing outside the overseer’s cottage in the gold mill ruins near Adelong, NSW, we looked through the window and saw blue sky.

I use this photo as a reminder to set aside expectations and make space for new viewpoints, new ideas and new opportunities.


Why blog?

Blogs need content.  Content is born of experiences.  To build content, whether words or pictures, means spending time exploring, learning, studying, thinking – it’s about keeping mentally and physically active.


To give all that thinking, studying, learning and exploring some structure, I decided to use two key themes that seem to continually intertwine:


Each year, there is a particular and deliberate attempt at change. Sometimes, things go smoothly and sometimes they don’t.


It is at the heart of wisdom. One day, perhaps they will call me wise.

  • Challenges
  • Creative Surprises
  • Take 2


And sometimes it’s simply about laughing when plans go astray. Time to make lemonade.


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