Quarterly Essay – Uncivil Wars

Now that’s a bold title for my unassuming little slice of the internet. For those elsewhere, the Quarterly Essay is exactly as it sounds – the publication of an essay that hits the news stands four times a year, usually on a topical topic. I don’t buy all four; only those that interest me. SoContinue reading “Quarterly Essay – Uncivil Wars”

Whole Notes

Whole Surroundings Where to do you read your books? Does a particular type of book require a particular type of place? I wondered this on a cold blustery Sunday afternoon when I decided to pick up Ed Ayres’ book, Whole Notes: Life Lessons Though Music, after it sat abandoned for too long at my bedside.Continue reading “Whole Notes”

Dear Diary

The summer slumber has passed, a couple of months ago now, but projects are stuck in neutral. Work continues it’s dominating influence, and the winter rains have settled in. Excuse me – the new washing machine has just finished attending to the cleaning cloths. The new machine is a larger size so as to betterContinue reading “Dear Diary”

Remembering memory games

I don’t remember if I returned to jigsaw puzzles in order to improve my memory. I remember noticing improvement after I returned. And when I give them away for a while, I notice a decline. I haven’t yet tested whether the novelty of the jigsaw is critical to the process. Can I re-do a puzzleContinue reading “Remembering memory games”

I forgot

I forgot that 2021 was my Year of Remembering. The leaves have fallen, the year half done, and finally it has dawned on me. At the beginning of each year, I usually write something to get things started, usually about the possibilities that the latest theme might bring. But not this year. It could haveContinue reading “I forgot”