Kangaroos feeding on Mt Majura

Kangaroos feeding on Mt Majura
Kangaroos feeding on Mt Majura


Kangaroos are a common sight during my morning walks along the mountain trails near my suburb.  This morning, I took the little Lumix with me and snapped this.

Something about the camera settings I used, the cloudy day, the auto colour correction in photoshop and the severe cropping have combined to produced this painterly image.  The composition of this shot is a little weak.  I neglected to wait for the kangaroos to move into a better position.  However, I think the technique is worth pursuing.

The wild kangaroos on Mt Majura are probably accustomed to the many walkers and runners, horse and bike riders that use the trails.  Nevertheless, I prefer their back and rear views.  When they stand upright and look you in the eye … that’s unnerving.

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