Walk Number 23 – Goorooyarroo

There was an unusual odour. Unexpected. Pungent. Sort of urinal, but not quite. I wondered if I was downwind of somewhere. I wondered if it was me.

It might have been the stand of yellow box gums. They’re supposed to smell of honey. It was a very warm morning and it’s been threatening to rain for a few days now. I suspect it was the closely-packed eucalyptus woodland.

When I got home, I took a deep breath and …

Weekly photo challenge – Express Yourself

. Expressing yourself is the main aim of a personal blog.  This week, it’s also the theme of the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenge. I try to stay upbeat in my contributions to the blogging world.  That’s why I removed the original post that contained these birds.  It wasn’t online for long.  This was back beforeContinue reading “Weekly photo challenge – Express Yourself”

Consistency in a time of contrast

It was to be a day in search of visual consistency. The intention was to learn some skills that would ensure, or at least increase the odds, of returning from a field trip with a range of photos that would sit happily together. The only jarring would be intentional.

Instead, it was a day of contrasts.

7:30am: Before anything can distract, the camera gear …