Objectifying fascination

A fascination with objects must start somewhere. Some people are fascinated by animals. Or nature. Both of these are socially acceptable. People become zoologists or botanists or environmentalists, or tv documentarians. People who are fascinated by objects can become museum curators or conservators. They become collectors if they focus on one type of object. ButContinue reading “Objectifying fascination”

Walk Number 23 – Goorooyarroo

There was an unusual odour. Unexpected. Pungent. Sort of urinal, but not quite. I wondered if I was downwind of somewhere. I wondered if it was me.

It might have been the stand of yellow box gums. They’re supposed to smell of honey. It was a very warm morning and it’s been threatening to rain for a few days now. I suspect it was the closely-packed eucalyptus woodland.

When I got home, I took a deep breath and …

Weekly photo challenge – Express Yourself

. Expressing yourself is the main aim of a personal blog.  This week, it’s also the theme of the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenge. I try to stay upbeat in my contributions to the blogging world.  That’s why I removed the original post that contained these birds.  It wasn’t online for long.  This was back beforeContinue reading “Weekly photo challenge – Express Yourself”