Walk Number 23 – Goorooyarroo

There was an unusual odour. Unexpected. Pungent. Sort of urinal, but not quite. I wondered if I was downwind of somewhere. I wondered if it was me.

It might have been the stand of yellow box gums. They’re supposed to smell of honey. It was a very warm morning and it’s been threatening to rain for a few days now. I suspect it was the closely-packed eucalyptus woodland.

When I got home, I took a deep breath and …

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Consistency in a time of contrast

It was to be a day in search of visual consistency. The intention was to learn some skills that would ensure, or at least increase the odds, of returning from a field trip with a range of photos that would sit happily together. The only jarring would be intentional.

Instead, it was a day of contrasts.

7:30am: Before anything can distract, the camera gear …

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Weekly photo challenge – Between

. Have you ever taken much notice of space? Not the black stuff between the stars, although that is fun. I’m thinking about the space between all the stuff around us. For the Between photographic challenge this week from WordPress’ Daily Post, I browsed my photo archives and settled upon this image of a magpie’s […]

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Kangaroos feeding on Mt Majura

:: Kangaroos are a common sight during my morning walks along the mountain trails near my suburb.  This morning, I took the little Lumix with me and snapped this. Something about the camera settings I used, the cloudy day, the auto colour correction in photoshop and the severe cropping have combined to produced this painterly image.  The composition of this […]

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