Weekly Challenge – Curves



This week’s dPS challenge is Curves.

Curves create something dynamic in something that is essentially flat.  They are a means of creating a sense of three dimensions and movement in a two-dimensional photograph.

But there are other things happening when we decide to include curves in our images.

Curves are dictatorial.  They demand the viewer participate in a particular way.  A curve is a way of saying “Only from here to here, thank you”.

What if the viewer could really engage with their viewing experience?  To stand in wonder? To achieve this, perhaps the viewer needs some choice – multiple curves, intersecting, providing opportunity to explore in this direction or that, allowing discovery.

Finding something with multiple curves that would draw the viewer in many directions was proving difficult this morning, until I stumbled upon these two glass paperweights in various nooks around my home.


Blue 3


The orange image is a little more restful than the blue, don’t you think?

What are your thoughts?

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