Weekly photo challenge – Treat

What is a treat? 

That depends.  When I was unemployed, a treat was something that now seems routine.  In those very-much-younger years, a mid-week letter from home with a $2 note in it (back before they turned into coins) meant I could treat myself to a little melt-in-the-mouth chocolate or a small bag of jelly lollies, providing the pantry wasn’t too bare.

Now so-very-much older and life has become so-very routine.  A treat, by definition, is the opposite: it is anti-routine.  As a result, my participation in this week’s Daily Press photo challenge seemed unlikely.

But that was before this morning’s trip to the newsagent.

I had planned to buy the Saturday paper and the weekly lottery ticket.  Life has become so very routine.  Behind me was a quarrelsome couple.  He wanted to go shares in a lottery ticket.  She did not.  He kept on and on and on.  She held her ground.  I left them to it and headed down the back to see if there were any new pottery magazines.

Pottery magazines aren’t treats.  They are a practical source of ideas and techniques.

But I didn’t find any.

Instead, I came away with two of the most expensive art magazines I’ve ever seen.  This was not routine.  They must be treats.

The photographic challenge

How to turn flat pieces of paper into something that evokes the idea of a treat?  Without breaching copyright?

What about immersive flashes of colour as pages meld together?



Perhaps if I have the right lottery ticket, these art magazines will become routine!





What are your thoughts?

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