Year of Liveability –

What happened?

After four years of part-time study, I looked around and everything seemed cluttered and sad. It nagged at me.  The phrase “On being the right size” struck a chord and 2015 became my Year of Liveability.

But things don’t always go to plan. My resolutions rarely do; not going to plan should be the plan, don’t you think!


Liveability 1End of Liveability

There was a surprise waiting for me at the end … an unexpected outcome. Love a bit of insight, however late in the day!

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Vision BoardWorthless Item No 3 – Vision Boards

They are so cluttered and dusty, even yellowing in places.

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Oh, Precious Sleep, Welcome

We must fight for it, particularly when the internet doesn’t give up its answers easily.

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Transitions at the Sewing Machine

It was time to take stock, and I wondered when sentimentality gave way to pragmatism.

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Reclaimed Object No 1 – Fabric Scraps

I dragged them back from the bin. I forgot I’d been saving them.

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Worthless Item No 2 – Wrong Books

Keeping things is about maintaining connections, but there are too many … something has to give.

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Back on Track

After weeks of disrupted sleep and the shortened days of winter, it was time for a swift return to action.

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Hot Spots

The triggers for hot flushes are surprisingly ordinary … and everywhere.

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Just a day 2Just Another Day

There was a plan, based on sound advice from the weather bureau, but the phone app insists it’s raining.

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