Within the Hour

Within the Hour

While taking some photos one Saturday, I remembered back a few years … 10 or more years … to my weekly participation in online photo challenges. Each week, a particular photographic website would announce a challenge. I’d give myself one hour on the weekend to work through the idea and come up with an image. It was a lot of fun, and I still love some of the images I created.

I want to recapture that feeling.

Project Rules:

The idea is to accept a trigger and let it open up a creative path … of any sort … any media … any direction during the weekend. The only rule is Within the Hour.

Project Duration:

Began May 2023

What happened next?

Another Weekend Project

First cab off the rank; a small cardboard tray, from under the capsicums, becomes a canvas.

A Shadowy Hour

It doesn’t immediately scream “women’s suffrage”; how did the colour of shadows get to this?