The Weekend Cut and Paste

The Weekend Cut and Paste

For a couple of years, I put in a bit of effort each weekend (most weekends) and had a wonderful time creating a themed photograph that I posted to my (then) Facebook account.

It started in 2018. Early that January, for no reason other than to challenge myself, out came the shoe box in which I stored a collection of geometric shapes cut from colourful magazines. The idea was to create a collage.

I was looking for the spark of attraction. For connection. For the line to follow. I was relishing in the conversation between the colours. And over the months, the tackiness of the sticking tape gave way to the swivel of the glue stick.

The Project’s Rules:

The collage was to be created quickly, with no time to dwell on options, and the end result must fit on a piece of A5 card. Some colour correction in the final photograph was allowed.

Project Duration:

42 weeks in 2018