Take 2

Looking back at what happened …

Why keep a diary if you don’t make the time to ponder and reflect on the events you thought important enough to record?

Actually, these Take 2 posts had a far more practical start.  I was looking for a quick way to get a post up when there was no time for the hard graft involved in starting from scratch.  Turns out, “no time” has become a useful trigger for reflection.

Fish from the Farmers MarketFish from the farmer’s market

I first started buying fish from the local farmers’ market in 2012 in an attempt to eat a little healthier, both for me and our world.

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When push comes to shove

I went for a walk last weekend without my very clever mobile phone. It felt odd. I’ve only had one since January 2015.

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Push BikeHigh intensity interval training for lazy inclines

Just get back on the bike! Please.

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