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  • Parkes Agricultural Show 2022

    Parkes Agricultural Show 2022

    “A fresh breeze is blowing after three years of a pandemic; a fresh impetus triggering a return to that original aim for starting CherrieZell.” I wrote that a few weeks ago, at the end of July. That fresh breeze blew around the house for the next few weeks. A house inspection was scheduled for early…

  • National Tree Day – In absentia

    National Tree Day – In absentia

    It’s a poor replacement for the real thing, but for this year’s National Tree Day I would still like to do something to celebrate trees! For the last two years, Mum and I would be out with other locals planting a corridor of seedlings on National Tree Day. With events officially cancelled this year, I’m…

  • Walking Online

    Walking Online

    I finally built something! This is my Year of Building, it’s only November and I finally built something. There wasn’t much pre-thought. Suddenly, before I could talk myself out of the commitment, I was building a new website about walking tracks in Parkes. It’s called, funnily enough, Walking in Parkes. I did do a little homework first…

  • Weekly photo challenge – Security

    Weekly photo challenge – Security

    Let’s get out from under the digital canopy and breath in nature’s intention.

  • Walk Number 7a – Nara Peace Park

    Walk Number 7a – Nara Peace Park

    Designed for reflection, I shouldn’t be surprised at my sense of appreciation

  • Walk Number 5b – Black Mountain Peninsula

    Walk Number 5b – Black Mountain Peninsula

    Cultivated space for recreation or tracts of bushland … I prefer the latter!