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  • The road reluctantly travelled

    The road reluctantly travelled

    At the city bookshop, browsing for outings to take back to my small-town home, ensuring I don’t miss the Classics section, looking for a manageable spine of less than 2cm … why doesn’t the air conditioning reach this corner … overheating … choose quickly please. Love a Penguin. Many months pass, the pandemic rolls around…

  • The road in context

    The road in context

    The phone needs charging and I’m in a fit of the humdrums. I look over to the bookshelf and ask if there’s anything there to entice me? With this house being so drafty, I haven’t been game to bring my books out of storage – a fear justified by last summer’s dust storms. On top…

  • Not morning mist

    Not morning mist

    It’s a rule I’ve lived by for many years: Don’t mess about in extreme weather. But the frequency of extreme weather is increasing. It’s time to identify some coping strategies. If I obeyed my own rule, on the day the heatwave peaked, I shouldn’t have been valiantly trying to start my stubborn car at traffic…

  • Bathurst


    A day trip to Bathurst lasted longer than originally planned. With time to fill in, we managed to make something of the day in spite of numerous false starts.

  • Weekly photo challenge – Numbers

    Weekly photo challenge – Numbers

    Counting forwards or backwards … or both!

  • Weekly photo challenge – Beneath your feet

    Weekly photo challenge – Beneath your feet

    Can one be a well grounded person who is actually stranded?