Upper Deck

. “Upper Deck” is a series of photos taken on a recent trip to Melbourne. We started our visit with 90 minutes of guided sightseeing to get an overview of what’s available, to get a visual taste of Melbourne. Once on the bus, I was struck (almost physically) by the close proximity of things I’d only everContinue reading “Upper Deck”

No Sat Nav – False Advertising

Are there any tourism sites that promote a location with images of rain-drenched scenery?   NO.   As a result, the mental picture of one’s holiday is built around bright days and gorgeous walks, requiring sunscreen and sunhats.  It’s even possible to imagine the sound of waves and the smell of the eucalypts. That mental image crumbled inContinue reading “No Sat Nav – False Advertising”

Mt Oriel Homestead

:: Actions have consequences.  Progress can create troublesome outcomes. I was preparing for a day trip to Mt Oriel Homestead, also known as Iandra Castle, just north of Young, NSW.  Preparation involves charging batteries and clearing memory cards.  Then there is that moment of decision.  Do I read up on the location and think about someContinue reading “Mt Oriel Homestead”