Go Faster Tim – Concrete Barriers in a National Park

I don’t know who Tim was, or is, or why someone wanted him to go faster.

These concrete barriers were an unexpected sight when turning a corner on a twisting mountain road in a national park. They are not unusual on mountain roads around these parts. The rocks break away and fall to the road. I just wasn’t expecting such a feature of urbanisation in a national park.

This is the next installment in my …

Canberra to Shellharbour (and back) in 9 photos

. When Google Maps drives, it’s 2 hours and 29 minutes.  When I drive, it’s 3 hours and 29 minutes (give or take).  Perhaps it wasn’t raining when Google did its calculations.  Or perhaps it isn’t an old woman in a little car tackling Macquarie Pass for the first time. One of the new aimsContinue reading “Canberra to Shellharbour (and back) in 9 photos”

Sydney on a Thursday evening

My 2014 Sydney Festival was brief but intriguing.  Mum and I were wandering the streets while Dad rested up in the motel after some day surgery.  We didn’t abandon him, not really.  He was sitting in front of a big screen TV, with a glass of beer, watching what was left of the Australian OpenContinue reading “Sydney on a Thursday evening”

Why am I standing on the Road’s Edge?

. At heart, I’m very unstructured.  I wanted to be an artist; I wanted to be lots of different things down through the years, but for this post … I wanted to be an artist. Many of the artists I see in documentaries are very structured. So to get myself started, I embarked on a series. I embarked on a number of differentContinue reading “Why am I standing on the Road’s Edge?”