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  • Weekly photo challenge – On the way

    Weekly photo challenge – On the way

    Times of transition – is the first journey different to the well-worn path? Does the amount of travel time have an impact?

  • CSIRO Radio Telescope Parkes NSW

    CSIRO Radio Telescope Parkes NSW

    Coming back with a selection of warm and cool images was an unexpected outcome. Instead, I thought there’d be a contrast between technology and nature. All telescopes have a relationship with the environment in which they sit, be it hilltop, desert or, in the case of the CSIRO Radio Telescope at Parkes, a sheep paddock.…

  • A country drive – Manildra, Molong, Cumnock and Yeoval

    A country drive – Manildra, Molong, Cumnock and Yeoval

    A post-Christmas road trip; detour required!

  • Old Railway Line Debris

    Old Railway Line Debris

    On recent drive in southern NSW, just north of Junee, I came across debris from the old railway line neatly piled along the road’s edge. The proximity to the road implies they are waiting to be collected. They seem to have been here for a while.

  • Being prepared for post-production

    Being prepared for post-production

    The video footage plays across the screen and I look for an image, or a selection of images, that will translate my experience into a few brief bites, into a story. The results have been so often disappointing in the past. Why? I know that I rarely think of narrative structure when taking photos with…

  • Blue Mountains NSW

    Blue Mountains NSW

    We walked. We stood. And we walked some more. We wore ourselves out.