SR95 The Sandy Lane

The Sandy Lane turns off the main north-south highway, so the expected contrast was the high-tech bitumen of a main artery with the soft dust of a side road.

The contrast that drew my attention was a little different.

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CSIRO Radio Telescope Parkes NSW

Coming back with a selection of warm and cool images was an unexpected outcome. Instead, I thought there’d be a contrast between technology and nature. All telescopes have a relationship with the environment in which they sit, be it hilltop, desert or, in the case of the CSIRO Radio Telescope at Parkes, a sheep paddock.

I suppose technology often tends to cool tones. However, I think on this day the issue was …

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Old Railway Line Debris

On recent drive in southern NSW, just north of Junee, I came across debris from the old railway line neatly piled along the road’s edge. The proximity to the road implies they are waiting to be collected. They seem to have been here for a while.

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