How do you motivate yourself? I attended a painting exhibition of local artists and left wondering (perhaps not the right word?) why I hadn’t yet managed to populate the walls of my home with canvases … as intended when I moved it. This house asked for colour and, two years on, it’s looking a littleContinue reading “Motivation”

Browsing versus Building

I was an information browser long before internet browsers were invented.  This tendency manifests itself in a number of ways. When I finally had TV to myself and a remote control in my hand, I quickly became a channel surfer. In the library, I would play a game by walking down a randomly selected aisle, stopping randomly, turning eitherContinue reading “Browsing versus Building”

Drilling food habits

While researching the idea of training drills, I wondered if some of the benefits would fix my eating and shopping habits. There are downsides to drills because they involve memorising certain actions until each action is instinctive.  Instinctive responses can reduce flexibility and initiative.  This can obscure opportunities for beneficial change.  The problem is notContinue reading “Drilling food habits”

Drilling determination

In past posts, I bemoaned the difficulty of being a non-technical arty type. By definition, an artist is someone who has mastered a technical skill and then produces something that is based in but goes beyond that technical realm.

A side product of my foray into web publishing has been a desire to improve – to master. Training courses are, of course, one way to improve, but money is the first requirement. In contrast, the old adage, “Two Hours A Day”, is more immediately achievable. Well, sort of. In the absence of a full two hours, I’m trying some intense condensation of effort in the form of training drills.

First, I should understand how …