Scrunch-free creativity

When I was young, I could only wink with one eye. Silly. Winks are only one eye. No, I mean I could only wink on one side. Yesterday, I managed to wink on the other side. It wasn’t a proper wink, with scrunched up muscles, deeper wrinkles and a crooked smile. The right lid closes with barely a scrunch. I closed the right lid and viewed the world only through my left eye.

But why am I winking at all? Yesterday, I pondered the fact that information from the left eye travels to …

Browsing versus Building

I was an information browser long before internet browsers were invented.  This tendency manifests itself in a number of ways. When I finally had TV to myself and a remote control in my hand, I quickly became a channel surfer. In the library, I would play a game by walking down a randomly selected aisle, stopping randomly, turning eitherContinue reading “Browsing versus Building”

Which chicken to buy if you have a choice?

Just a quick post in response to an episode of River Cottage recently repeated on TV. The protein-to-fat content in three types of chicken was compared.  The three types of chicken were: the bog-standard cheapo that takes up most of the supermaket shelves, corn-fed RSPCA-approved that gets a bit of space, and free-range organic that only gets aContinue reading “Which chicken to buy if you have a choice?”

Guaranteeing the fruit supply

I found a rotting nectarine amoung the apples.  It’s bad enough buying unripe fruit from the supermarket that never turns into something nice.  But to buy something yummy and accidentally loose it because of a blended colour scheme in the fruit bowl …  such a disappointment.   I thought I still had one left.  I didContinue reading “Guaranteeing the fruit supply”