When what we thought no longer works

My latest jigsaw is proving harder than anticipated. I did what was expected of me; separated out the edge pieces first to build the frame. I was taught that if you look after the edges, the centre will take care of itself. A completed frame creates reference points for building the image.

Often, there are no distinguishing marks on a group of pieces. When this happens, you can use their shape to work out which goes where. Often, there is only one right fit.

Not this time.

This time, I can’t rely on shape. The pieces are too similar.

This time, I think I will have to …

Bubbling creativity

Some people are easily distracted. Mid sentence, the topic shifts. Something new has come into view. A song obstructs the train of thought. Creative insight might thrive on unexpected connections, but it is hampered by distractions.

This post is another in a short series capturing key points from a recent …