The Dying Socials

I’m returning to my core. When family spread their wings and joined Facebook, I bristled and decided to try blogging. A number of reasons – somewhere to put photos, somewhere for family to check up on me, learn how to write (you can’t do that on Facebook) and, the big one, explore this big wideContinue reading “The Dying Socials”

If we were having coffee …

… you would have to listen to an anti-Facebook rant … although, “anti” is probably too strong a word … more like “can-you-believe-how-much-life-gets-sucked-out-of-you-when-you-join-Facebook”. I’d heard of the impact of social media, many many times. I signed up for blogging with WordPress as an alternative to the negatives of Facebook, but eventually joined up anyway. All those WordPressContinue reading “If we were having coffee …”