Is your wardrobe a collection?

He was standing inside a women’s closet when he described what he saw as a collection. He wasn’t just referring to the quantity of her shoes. He said it with a capital C. Collection. The statement jumped out from the video and got me thinking. Could any wardrobe … my wardrobe for example with itsContinue reading “Is your wardrobe a collection?”

Bottled water

Bottled water is one area of inefficiency that is well within my grasp to remedy.  After a prompt in a recent magazine article pointing out – again – just how inefficient bottled water is, it was time to take some action – again.  I’ve tried various drinking flasks, but none were satisfactory. I have beenContinue reading “Bottled water”

Drilling food habits

While researching the idea of training drills, I wondered if some of the benefits would fix my eating and shopping habits. There are downsides to drills because they involve memorising certain actions until each action is instinctive.  Instinctive responses can reduce flexibility and initiative.  This can obscure opportunities for beneficial change.  The problem is notContinue reading “Drilling food habits”


It is essential – and evil. If it is not managed on a daily basis, it can overwhelm. Stealth is its weapon of choice. It’s presence is hidden and must be sought out. It is salt.

Growing up, I didn’t realise there were different types of salt.
I’d only heard of iodised. In my early 20s, I discovered, but did not understand, rock salt. Salt was not “of the earth” but a packaged item from the supermarket shelf to be poured into pieces of multi-coloured ceramic …

Guaranteeing the fruit supply

I found a rotting nectarine amoung the apples.  It’s bad enough buying unripe fruit from the supermarket that never turns into something nice.  But to buy something yummy and accidentally loose it because of a blended colour scheme in the fruit bowl …  such a disappointment.   I thought I still had one left.  I didContinue reading “Guaranteeing the fruit supply”