How to create a year of …

Establishing a personal “Year Of” is one way of finding new possibilities, thinking about them and enjoying the benefits they can bring. It works by focusing attention and encouraging continued focus over the full 12 months. The benefits then flow through to subsequent years.

In contrast, New Year resolutions often lead to …

Walk Number 48 – Yerrabi Pond

. The aim is to see some new sights, take some more photos, and most importantly get some more exercise.  The pain in my foot is subsiding, gradually, with the occasional spike from time to time. The aim of this year was to get more out of my exercise, but it’s been a disappointing effort. Continue reading “Walk Number 48 – Yerrabi Pond”

Pain, worry and motivation

The glistening surface on the car roof only triggered confusion. It wasn’t until I reached the end of the driveway that I realised it was raining. That ended that attempt at a walk.

I had forced myself to this point. Not physically. The feet don’t hurt that much. No, I had to mentally convince myself, remind myself repeatedly, that I enjoy going for a walk.

Given how much I enjoy nature, why am I not desperate to get out there at every opportunity?

Blazing a creative trail out of decline

The radio announcer mentioned Spring. It’s the only explanation for my sudden rush around the house, pulling covers off cushions and shoving them into soapy water. That, and the fact that the sun’s out.

My Year of Sweat Squared hasn’t played out as planned. Last year’s Year of Sweat was a success, but I thought I could …

Is this the way to lose weight?

I’m such a child. I’ve been playing with my food again.

The Horizon documentary “Fat vs Sugar” was broadcast here recently. It explored some of the science behind arguments for giving up either fat or sugar.

Ignoring the extreme sides of that debate, the take-home message for me was that foods with equal quantities of fat and sugar suppress our “I’ve had enough” signals. In these situations, I keep eating not because I have …

Starting The 5:2 Diet

For change to succeed, more change may be required.  That’ s not something the change-phobic like to hear, but it has worked for me in the past and I’m hoping it will again. I’d seen the 5:2 diet on Michael Mosley’s Horizon documentary, but I wanted more information before taking it on.  Now that I’veContinue reading “Starting The 5:2 Diet”