Which chicken to buy if you have a choice?

Just a quick post in response to an episode of River Cottage recently repeated on TV. The protein-to-fat content in three types of chicken was compared.  The three types of chicken were: the bog-standard cheapo that takes up most of the supermaket shelves, corn-fed RSPCA-approved that gets a bit of space, and free-range organic that only gets aContinue reading “Which chicken to buy if you have a choice?”

Travelling with hope and a thermos

There is a rhythm to travelling.  The new and the unknown, often the reasons for leaving the safe and familiar, merely punctuate that rhythm.  The train wheels along the rails.  The white lines alongside the car.  Even the unevenly spaced stops and stations generate their own routine. Against this, the body’s routines are sometimes out ofContinue reading “Travelling with hope and a thermos”

Protein – Got to eat more of it

The two wafer-thin slices supposedly contained essential tissue building and repairing goodness.  However, the sliced roast beef looked like it couldn’t build or repair anything.  Was it a waste of money putting such minimal slices of protein on my sandwich? In this year’s search for efficient eating, I started with questioning how well I wasContinue reading “Protein – Got to eat more of it”