Slow Cooking – Attempt One

Side by side they sat, a row of them at my sister’s, for one of those extended family and friends evenings during the holidays.  The cookers’ contents were yummy.  My sister extolled the virtues of the appliance.  So, heading into the Year of Efficient Eating, I checked out the New Year sales.  I’m now theContinue reading “Slow Cooking – Attempt One”

Efficient Eating – Information Sources

Who to believe?  So much information!  And not all of it agrees.  I’ve heard the complaints – “They say this is good for us, and then they change their mind”. In the face of inconsistency, I will keep reminding myself that anything science-y is a movable feast.  For as long as researchers keep researching, there isContinue reading “Efficient Eating – Information Sources”

The Year of Efficient Eating – Introduction

It doesn’t sound particularly original or adventurous.  It sounds like a silly way of saying “going on a diet” or “got to lose weight”. Granted, some weight loss would be a good outcome.  At 88kg, I’m technically just over the obese line, by a smidgen.  I’ve tried focusing on weight loss before but it hasn’tContinue reading “The Year of Efficient Eating – Introduction”