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  • Motivation


    How do you motivate yourself? I attended a painting exhibition of local artists and left wondering (perhaps not the right word?) why I hadn’t yet managed to populate the walls of my home with canvases … as intended when I moved it. This house asked for colour and, two years on, it’s looking a little…

  • Back on track

    Back on track

    … with a swift return to action

  • Weekly photo challenge – Broken

    Weekly photo challenge – Broken

    . So often, the disappointment is quickly bundled off to the trash.  Occasionally, the disappointment is so great that sitting and wallowing seems the only option. In the old days, broken was repaired. Although, this one really wasn’t worth repairing.  It was one of my larger wheel-turned bowls.  An early one where I had not moved…

  • The artifice of random

    The artifice of random

    I had this strange idea that simply splashing a bit of glaze around would create beautiful and intricate designs on my pottery pieces. My early attempts at glazing were very encouraging. I made a few small vases, thought about how different glazes might combine … what might happen if I rubbed back here … and scrapped…

  • Playing for creativity

    Playing for creativity

    Performing professionally, or happily making mistakes … it’s time instead to play.

  • No Sat Nav – Day 5

    No Sat Nav – Day 5

    Today, we got sunburnt.  Tonight, it’s raining again. Itinerary:  Maldon to Benalla, via Bendigo and Echuca. Distance travelled:  271.7km.  It doesn’t sound much, but it was exhausting. Weather:  Some lovely white clouds with lots of blue sky, but the Bureau of Meteorology website suggested late rain today around Benalla.  As a result, we’re locked up…