Weekly photo challenge – Broken

. So often, the disappointment is quickly bundled off to the trash.  Occasionally, the disappointment is so great that sitting and wallowing seems the only option. In the old days, broken was repaired. Although, this one really wasn’t worth repairing.  It was one of my larger wheel-turned bowls.  An early one where I had not moved […]

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No Sat Nav – Day 5

Today, we got sunburnt.  Tonight, it’s raining again. Itinerary:  Maldon to Benalla, via Bendigo and Echuca. Distance travelled:  271.7km.  It doesn’t sound much, but it was exhausting. Weather:  Some lovely white clouds with lots of blue sky, but the Bureau of Meteorology website suggested late rain today around Benalla.  As a result, we’re locked up […]

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Drilling determination

In past posts, I bemoaned the difficulty of being a non-technical arty type. By definition, an artist is someone who has mastered a technical skill and then produces something that is based in but goes beyond that technical realm.

A side product of my foray into web publishing has been a desire to improve – to master. Training courses are, of course, one way to improve, but money is the first requirement. In contrast, the old adage, “Two Hours A Day”, is more immediately achievable. Well, sort of. In the absence of a full two hours, I’m trying some intense condensation of effort in the form of training drills.

First, I should understand how …

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A pinch too eager

When I started writing for this web-log, I spent lots of time preparing the first few posts. Then, the number of drafts began to dwindle. The amount of time between idea and publication shortened. When reading back over my site, I was getting more and more disappointed with the quality of my writing.

The same just happened with my …

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