Weekly photo challenge – Inside

The theme for this week’s WordPress Daily Post photo challenge is Inside. Rather than an image of the inside of an object, I think the aim is to get us thinking about the relationships involved, that is the relationship between the thing that is inside and the thing it is inside.

I haven’t got anything in stock that fits that criteria. It was time to give some thought to producing an image for the challenge.

Inside is often associated with …

Weekly photo challenge – Abandoned

This week’s photo challenge at Wordpress’ Daily Post arrived just as I was heading out on a road trip up the highway. So, I kept an eye open for possible subject matter. Something is usually Abandoned somewhere by the side of the road.

I’d decided to pull over for a break at Robertson, check the map for the next turn off …

Weekly photo challenge – Window

The photo challenge theme from Wordpress this week is Window. I didn’t have to look back far to find a photo I could blog about.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried out the process for creating panoramas – those really panoramic panoramas. I didn’t want to tackle my first one out in the open, where others would see me – see me fuss and fumble – so, I started in my loungeroom.

It’s an interesting experience, working on a process that …