Weekly photo challenge – Leading Line

This week’s dPS challenge is Leading Line; another in the compositional set of themes. A browse through an art history textbook was surprising. The artists of old used line very creatively in the arrangement objects, but there weren’t many examples where an obvious line from the edge of the frame was used as a means of pulling the viewer into the image. In pondering the use of a leading line, I had to resist the …

June Review – To Sweat or not to Sweat

. June is the time for a six-monthly review of the New Year Resolution affectionately referred to as the Year of Sweat. What is the Year of Sweat? Well, it’s not piles of cotton t-shirts and track pants smelling up the laundry basket.  There hasn’t been much sweat in this supposedly Sweat’y year, even though weContinue reading “June Review – To Sweat or not to Sweat”

Audit, Reboot, Sustain – Will Phelps’ Ultimate Wellness be useful?

The following quote is a long-winded way of describing the three steps Phelps has written about in her new book, Ultimate Wellness: The Three Step Plan. “I want people to actually think about what they’re doing and think about what they can change, what’s stopping them and how they can overcome those obstacles if theyContinue reading “Audit, Reboot, Sustain – Will Phelps’ Ultimate Wellness be useful?”

2013 Will Be The Year Of …

I’ve started collecting stories about perspiration.  What makes you sweat?  There’s the one about the lady who boarded the bus each morning, dripping of sweat after walking up a long hill.  Passengers visibly cringed as if to say “Please don’t sit next to me!” What does this have to do with new year resolutions? ForContinue reading “2013 Will Be The Year Of …”

Collage, chaos and change

The word, collage, comes from the French coller, “to glue”. It’s a very pre-digital activity.

I started using collage as a way of salvaging photographs and paintings that didn’t work. It evolved into an end in itself when I found myself picking up the camera for the sole purpose of creating a collage.

Photography is often described as a way of seeing. Dissecting the images and re-arranging them pushes that idea further. The action reminds me that …