Reading to change

When we pick up a book, be it paperback, hardback or ebook, we expect to be different when we have reached the last page. We might be emotionally different, having traveled our way through the highs and lows of a gripping story. We might be physically different, perhaps relaxed or motivated to face the world […]

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November; not exactly a third attempt at my Year of 30 Days, just an admission that the year didn’t go to plan. Big new plans sidelined every other activity for about four months. I’m just now picking up the threads and working out where each sits in the overall picture. Today is the day I write again. Where will it lead?

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Year of …

… new possibilities. Establishing a personal “Year Of” is a great way to find and think about new possibilities and enjoying the benefits they can bring. New Year resolutions often lead to failure by locking out possibilities.  Statements that begin with “I will” or “I will not” become sink holes into which hope and action disappear. In contrast, […]

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