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  • CSIRO Radio Telescope Open Day

    CSIRO Radio Telescope Open Day

    I’m old enough to be one of the “We called it the telescope” brigade. It was a little confusing to this little girl because it didn’t look like other telescopes. This weekend, the CSIRO held an open day at their Parkes Radio Telescope. Mum and I headed out as early as we could but still…

  • SR70 Monumea Gap Road

    SR70 Monumea Gap Road

    A new project to get the camera out on the road and into the field.

  • CSIRO Radio Telescope Parkes NSW

    CSIRO Radio Telescope Parkes NSW

    Coming back with a selection of warm and cool images was an unexpected outcome. Instead, I thought there’d be a contrast between technology and nature. All telescopes have a relationship with the environment in which they sit, be it hilltop, desert or, in the case of the CSIRO Radio Telescope at Parkes, a sheep paddock.…

  • No Sat Nav – Day 1

    There really is no Sat Nav. :: With thanks to family and friends for looking after things while we’re gone.  Below is our first letter home so that we can keep in touch and share some of what we’ve seen. Itinerary: Parkes to Albury, via an assortment of towns and rest stops. Distance travelled: 379km plus the…