Corin Road

It’s easy to solve a problem by moving the goal posts. It’s harder if there’s a rule you have to stick to.

When I started the Road’s Edge series, the rules were simple but strict. Stand on one side of the road. Point the camera directly across, ensuring that the opposite edge of the road sits along one edge of the frame. The aim was to create an image where the road played it’s part in the meaning. To that signature image I could add others to expand the story.

But then I found …

Weekly photo challenge – Extra, Extra … Extra

In photography, there should be no rules. At least, none that can’t be broken when the mood takes.

When looking at this photo again with the WordPress weekly theme of “Extra, Extra” in mind, I see something that the rules hide from me.

The three magpies are my …

From Pasture to Plantation

:: One of the aims of the Road’s Edge series is to highlight social issues in a context that reminds us how close, yet how far, we are from solving them.  Standing on the edge of a road, we look out into an area that is rarely travelled yet lies just a few steps away. Cross-country hikersContinue reading “From Pasture to Plantation”

Boorowa Road Grass Fire

::: It would have been wonderful if the last images on my camera for 2012 were celebratory.  Instead, coming up to the 10-year anniversary of the Canberra firestorm, I was reminded how important it is to always, always, take care. This is the first time the Road’s Edge series raised the heart rate and createdContinue reading “Boorowa Road Grass Fire”