Two Laptops Back

Once again, I’m trying to get stuff organised. This time, music. Its very complicated. It used to be so easy. I remember clearly the first LP I purchased with my own money. There had been lots of other vinyl records in the house, from the earliest age; nursey rhymes in spoken books on little recordsContinue reading “Two Laptops Back”


How do you motivate yourself? I attended a painting exhibition of local artists and left wondering (perhaps not the right word?) why I hadn’t yet managed to populate the walls of my home with canvases … as intended when I moved it. This house asked for colour and, two years on, it’s looking a littleContinue reading “Motivation”

Slow Cooking – Attempt One

Side by side they sat, a row of them at my sister’s, for one of those extended family and friends evenings during the holidays.  The cookers’ contents were yummy.  My sister extolled the virtues of the appliance.  So, heading into the Year of Efficient Eating, I checked out the New Year sales.  I’m now theContinue reading “Slow Cooking – Attempt One”