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  • $8 worth of music

    $8 worth of music

    Once again, I’m trying to get stuff organised. This time, it’s my music. These things that were once so easy are now so very complicated. I remember clearly the first LP I purchased with my own money. Perhaps I was about 12, or 13, when I asked Mum if I could take my $8 out…

  • Motivation


    How do you motivate yourself? I attended a painting exhibition of local artists and left wondering (perhaps not the right word?) why I hadn’t yet managed to populate the walls of my home with canvases … as intended when I moved it. This house asked for colour and, two years on, it’s looking a little…

  • Shuffle days

    Shuffle days

    The October Long Weekend holiday with three days of music on shuffle and with me going where it leads. My focus randomly switches to another task. Not in sync; it’s not a dance; it’s an allegory of sorts.

  • Slow Cooking – Attempt One

    Side by side they sat, a row of them at my sister’s, for one of those extended family and friends evenings during the holidays.  The cookers’ contents were yummy.  My sister extolled the virtues of the appliance.  So, heading into the Year of Efficient Eating, I checked out the New Year sales.  I’m now the…

  • Introduction to My Year Of

    It is time to start another Year Of.  This post is to introduce the topic, starting with the idea behind it and a look back at my first two attempts. I’ve noticed that a Year Of can be set up either at the beginning or end of a year.  The internationally official Year Of is…