Upper Deck

. “Upper Deck” is a series of photos taken on a recent trip to Melbourne. We started our visit with 90 minutes of guided sightseeing to get an overview of what’s available, to get a visual taste of Melbourne. Once on the bus, I was struck (almost physically) by the close proximity of things I’d only everContinue reading “Upper Deck”

Reflections from a No Sat Nav road trip

A road trip is more about the road than the destination.  Given the small amount of time we spent in each location while travelling, this last holiday is probably best described as a road trip.  Some of the No Sat Nav blog posts focussed on where we stopped, but overall the five days seemed toContinue reading “Reflections from a No Sat Nav road trip”

No Sat Nav – Day 4

Is it really Day 4? There are many things Victorians do well; there are times when road signage is not one of them. Itinerary:  Melbourne to Maldon. Distance travelled:  155.7km Weather:  Morning rain while we were still in Melbourne.  Mum started saying “no tent” if it’s raining.  Thankfully, it cleared while we were heading up the Calder FreewayContinue reading “No Sat Nav – Day 4”

No Sat Nav – Day 3

There are two types of people in Melbourne – Tourists and Non-Tourists – and it’s not hard to tell the difference. Itinerary:  Melbourne. Distance travelled:  Who knows, but our feet hurt.  Mid-afternoon, Mum changed into her comfy bedsocks and old gardening Crocs in order to put a bit of cushioning under her feet.  I wasContinue reading “No Sat Nav – Day 3”

No Sat Nav – Day 2

Dear Family and Friends, The feature of today’s travelling was our on-again/off-again relationship with the Hume. Itinerary: Albury to Melbourne, via Beechworth, Euroa and Seymour. Distance travelled:  I kid you not, the odometer showed exactly 330.0km when we parked this evening.  A little less than yesterday. Weather:  A lot of rain.  Turns out Melbourne peaked at 14Continue reading “No Sat Nav – Day 2”