Radio National’s First Bite was today’s backdrop to the washing up.  One of the segments on the show was about Assoc Prof Eva Kemps’ research on food cravings. Food cravings are strongly associated with sensory experiences tucked away in our brains.   These experiences could be associated with images or smells, for example.  During a craving, theseContinue reading “Cravings”

I believe in exploring

I believe in exploring. I can’t imagine what it must be like to not want to explore.

I was very fortunate to grow up on a farm where there was space and opportunity to indulge childhood fearlessness in adventure. Once we were old enough, my siblings and I spent much of our play time unsupervised. There were five of us and only two adults. I suspect our parents realised quite early that we had some practical common sense about us, and they did teach us the basic rules of life – that actions have consequences and that some things are out-of-bounds for very good reasons. Well, actually it was my uncle who probably taught those lessons best when …

The tyranny of the minimum requirement

Last year, during my Year of Limited Purchases, I found myself exploring some related but nevertheless tangential issues.  For example, waste.  I expected that my Year of Efficient Eating would produce its share of new tangents, but I seem to have ended up back at waste. I was watching Britain From Above on television.  ThereContinue reading “The tyranny of the minimum requirement”