Flow Disrupted

The flow was disrupted. First, two neighbouring edge pieces were – are still – missing. Then, part way through, I covered the puzzle one afternoon and took a long time to uncover it. Yet, this puzzle represents a return to flow after some years away from Canberra. It is one of three puzzles purchased duringContinue reading “Flow Disrupted”


I had two choices. I could try again … again … to conquer Monet’s lily pond or take the easier, and rather more colourfully garish, path. I opted for the latter. It was a very functional puzzle, with nothing particularly exacting or overly interesting. However, when it was time to fill in the sections ofContinue reading “Periphery”

Mindfully Yellow

I noted the irony. While chauffeuring family members to and from their skin cancer checkup, I bought a jigsaw of a dramatic sunset. There was a large table of jigsaws, most sporting a “Buy Three For” sticker, and two of them were the same brand as my recently completed mini jigsaw, “Mindfully Blue”, which IContinue reading “Mindfully Yellow”