More red please

We all need a bit of inspiration every day. I’d run out of jigsaws. There were still some old ones, but they didn’t inspire. Even so, I did try. It was very yellow, and I’d barely started before I abandoned it. So, on a rare shopping trip, when a heavily laddened table of cut-price jigsawsContinue reading “More red please”

New magazines

The benefits of travelling are often documented, but I wonder if finding new and unusual magazines is regularly included in the list?

It wasn’t deliberate. One night, there was no TV. I was preoccupied uploading the day’s activities to the blog, but Mum hadn’t brought anything to read. I popped down to the newsagents for her. I grabbed the standard Women’s Day because it has a puzzle section in the back. And then I wandered the aisles to see what else might be available.

It’s worth checking out the offerings of local newsagents when you arrive in a new town. Even in a city, the titles differ from suburb to suburb.

On this occasion, I found …