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  • Bifurcated bedding – a weekend project

    Bifurcated bedding – a weekend project

    Right now, I’m supposed to be clearing the table so that I can cut a doona in half. It’s too big to fit in my washing machine, and I’m sick of washing it in the bathtub. Too much effort. The plan is to then sew on some buttons or ties (or safety pins, if it…

  • The old green shirt

    The old green shirt

    It’s time has come. Today’s the day I stop putting off this decision. For some of us, getting rid of an object becomes exponentially harder with each passing year. Pretending it’s younger doesn’t help. It’s embedded in the psyche. It is Identity. This Bisley shirt was once a dark green corduroy. It started as a…

  • Mum’s evening purse

    Mum’s evening purse

    When we make something for ourselves, we invest ourselves in the result, and then often confront disappointment if it seems less-than-professional. Shopping brings an instant hit and, hopefully, a satisfactorily assembled item. Once upon a time, making was a necessary function of the home-maker. Shop-bought clothes were expensive and only the well-to-do could afford a…

  • Nice new buttons

    Nice new buttons

    Everything old is new again, and again.

  • Transitions at the sewing machine

    Transitions at the sewing machine

    Remembering the delight I found in the home sewn.