Sweat versus Strength

The Year of Sweat has morphed into the Year of Strength.  It was a surprise to me. The idea behind the Year of Sweat was to increase the amount of physical activity in my life.  I selected Sweat as the signature image because I wanted to change my attitude to this by-product of activity.  It wasContinue reading “Sweat versus Strength”

Skipping lunacy

I’m too old to have taken part in the Jump Rope for Heart campaign that’s celebrating a mighty 30th anniversary this year.  Thirty years ago puts me in my 20s and long past skipping.  But, when my 2013 Year of Sweat began, I rushed out and purchased some equipment; nothing grand or large, just small stuffContinue reading “Skipping lunacy”

High-intensity interval training for lazy inclines

The mountain bike became part of the furniture after a V8 rear ended my little, and not-yet-paid-off, Datsun. All I had left from the insurance payout, after the bank took its bit, was enough to buy a push bike. By this time, I no longer had a permanent job and the banks were not givingContinue reading “High-intensity interval training for lazy inclines”