Why is exercise making me depressed?

You try asking medical professionals why exercise is making you depressed! All I got was puzzlement and shaking of heads. “Exercise is supposed to help depression” was the standard response. I’m looking for someone to draw a line that shows how research that suggests a link between gut health and mental well-being relates to researchContinue reading “Why is exercise making me depressed?”

June Review – To Sweat or not to Sweat

. June is the time for a six-monthly review of the New Year Resolution affectionately referred to as the Year of Sweat. What is the Year of Sweat? Well, it’s not piles of cotton t-shirts and track pants smelling up the laundry basket.  There hasn’t been much sweat in this supposedly Sweat’y year, even though weContinue reading “June Review – To Sweat or not to Sweat”

Sweating over autumn leaves

It’s a fine autumn day, in tone at least though not according to the date, and the leaves are falling. For the first time, with thanks to the Year of Sweat, I actually enjoy sweeping them up. The stride of the broom is longer and stronger, thanks to my new found strength.

I noted that my neighbour has electrified his approach to autumn leaves. Out came the leaf blower, then the lawn mower.

While I swept and scooped and squashed, manually, these crisp goldens into my green bins, he …

Sweat versus Strength

The Year of Sweat has morphed into the Year of Strength.  It was a surprise to me. The idea behind the Year of Sweat was to increase the amount of physical activity in my life.  I selected Sweat as the signature image because I wanted to change my attitude to this by-product of activity.  It wasContinue reading “Sweat versus Strength”

How much exercise per week; or how to stop my eyelids turning yellow?

There are many shades of yellow. My eyelids are more of a ochre or mustard colour that varies in intensity.  It’s been a curious puzzle for years, here one day and gone the next.  Now I’ve discovered there’s a definite relationship to exercise. My initial exercise strategy this year was to include lots of variety so I couldContinue reading “How much exercise per week; or how to stop my eyelids turning yellow?”

Gluten intolerance or eosinophilic esophagitis

When I tell people that I shouldn’t eat a particularly starchy item, the inevitable response is “Oh, gluten intolerant”, to which I try to explain and then give up.  It’s not surprising.  Try saying to someone that the things that trigger your hayfever also affect your digestive system and blank stares are the response. ThereContinue reading “Gluten intolerance or eosinophilic esophagitis”