Will doubling my fibre intake reduce my allergy symptoms?

The internet is useless. I tried to find some information on vinegar and all I got was hordes of links to apple cider. Over the last 18 months I’ve been looking out for information about the digestive system – the world of the gastro. I even tried emailing ABC’s Catalyst program with a request. IContinue reading “Will doubling my fibre intake reduce my allergy symptoms?”

Is this the way to lose weight?

I’m such a child. I’ve been playing with my food again.

The Horizon documentary “Fat vs Sugar” was broadcast here recently. It explored some of the science behind arguments for giving up either fat or sugar.

Ignoring the extreme sides of that debate, the take-home message for me was that foods with equal quantities of fat and sugar suppress our “I’ve had enough” signals. In these situations, I keep eating not because I have …

Why do I cry when I exercise?

The colour supplement in today’s Sunday paper¬†proclaimed, “The joy of crying”. Apparently, the author thinks “there’s something great about having a good old-fashioned sob”.¬† I don’t agree. Last year, I worked out how to stop the incessant crying that seemed to be an entrenched result of too many funerals and too many unpleasant people. WithContinue reading “Why do I cry when I exercise?”