Take 2: High Intensity Interval Training for Lazy Inclines

High intensity interval training … it’s on the radio again, it’s on TV again, it’s in the newspaper again! I first heard about it in 2013.  This is what I wrote then … . All I had left from the insurance payout, after the bank took its bit, was enough to buy a push bike. It wasContinue reading “Take 2: High Intensity Interval Training for Lazy Inclines”

Physios and Flat Packs

March; my second attempt at my Year of 30 Days. The idea behind the Year of 30 Days is to throw myself passionately into a topic, a new topic, each month.  During January, I tackled an online learning program called Big History.  That was a great start.  However, February was uneventful as nothing motivated me. Continue reading “Physios and Flat Packs”