Take 2: High Intensity Interval Training for Lazy Inclines

High intensity interval training … it’s on the radio again, it’s on TV again, it’s in the newspaper again! I first heard about it in 2013.  This is what I wrote then … . All I had left from the insurance payout, after the bank took its bit, was enough to buy a push bike. It wasContinue reading “Take 2: High Intensity Interval Training for Lazy Inclines”

Walk Number 11 – Two Parks – Bowen and Telopea

With the rev and roar of Summernats blaring across from Exhibition Park, it was a delight this morning to cross the lake and walk through Bowen and Telopea Parks.

Beginning with the open vista from the lake’s edge, the experience changes regularly through out the walk. Bowen Park is marked by its relationship to the lake. The trees are low and densely packed in groups. Across the road, Telopea Park quickly opens out to the majestic.

There are no public sculptures here, as if that would be an insult to the trees themselves …

Walk Number 25 – Mt Majura’s Casuarina Track

Mt Majura is one of the tallest mountains in Canberra, and I’ve yet to reach the top. We call it a mountain but it is only 888 metres, apparently.

The plan this morning was to wander the lower slopes, as I’ve often done in the past. But in the light of recent writings on …