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  • Weekly photo challenge – Reflection

    Weekly photo challenge – Reflection

    Reflection is the challenge topic this week from WordPress’ Daily Post. Early thoughts turned to shiny objects and still water. These make for interesting photos but are not the things or places that trigger in me moments of personal reflection. Before there can be reflection there must be …

  • Why am I standing on the Road’s Edge?

    Why am I standing on the Road’s Edge?

    . At heart, I’m very unstructured.  I wanted to be an artist; I wanted to be lots of different things down through the years, but for this post … I wanted to be an artist. Many of the artists I see in documentaries are very structured. So to get myself started, I embarked on a series. I embarked on a number of different…

  • Why a blog category called Challenges?

    Why a blog category called Challenges?

    Is the Challenge running out of steam?

  • Unexpected creativity

    Unexpected creativity

    The opportunity for creative insight increases when we encounter new and unexpected experiences, so claims a documentary I saw recently. I’m onboard for new experiences, but why would the unexpected make a significant difference? This is the last in a short series of posts triggered by …

  • Bricked creativity

    Bricked creativity

    It is said that insight is the movement from the known to the novel. It’s called divergent thinking, and the scientists have developed a test for it. You are given a brick – a house brick. In one minute, how many new uses for that brick can you think of?

  • Bubbling creativity

    Bubbling creativity

    Some people are easily distracted. Mid sentence, the topic shifts. Something new has come into view. A song obstructs the train of thought. Creative insight might thrive on unexpected connections, but it is hampered by distractions. This post is another in a short series capturing key points from a recent …