Toil and trouble; or cold and tired

It was a terrible night’s sleep because I couldn’t breath through my nose. Generally, the first thought is to ask whether this is the start of a cold or the flu. (And why is it A cold and THE flu, as if it’s any old cold but it’s the actual flu?) However, the reason couldContinue reading “Toil and trouble; or cold and tired”

How Not To Teach Someone To Cook

At some point in my mid-40s, I decided it was time to learn to cook.  This from someone who took cooking classes in high school.  Those classes didn’t help because of the very strict deadline.  It was always a rush to get finished.  No time to develop awe or passion.  Then, after all the tablesContinue reading “How Not To Teach Someone To Cook”


It is essential – and evil. If it is not managed on a daily basis, it can overwhelm. Stealth is its weapon of choice. It’s presence is hidden and must be sought out. It is salt.

Growing up, I didn’t realise there were different types of salt.
I’d only heard of iodised. In my early 20s, I discovered, but did not understand, rock salt. Salt was not “of the earth” but a packaged item from the supermarket shelf to be poured into pieces of multi-coloured ceramic …

Protein – Got to eat more of it

The two wafer-thin slices supposedly contained essential tissue building and repairing goodness.  However, the sliced roast beef looked like it couldn’t build or repair anything.  Was it a waste of money putting such minimal slices of protein on my sandwich? In this year’s search for efficient eating, I started with questioning how well I wasContinue reading “Protein – Got to eat more of it”