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  • Constructing motivation

    Constructing motivation

    Life will throw up tangents that insist on diverting us from routines and habits. We can let each new path take us where it may. That can be fun. But what if we want to go back to some of those seemingly lost things? How do we make our way back? For example, more and…

  • Tracing my love of collage

    Tracing my love of collage

    Habits and passions can start in the strangest of places. Are we better off not asking “why”?

  • The Art/Craft Divide

    Walking into an exhibition, one carries expectations that are usually based on past experience. If new to the experience, the ideas that underpin our expectations could spring from anywhere – language, television, marketing … anywhere. If there are to be paintings at the exhibition, then our minds might expect art. If there are to be…