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  • The brain on heat

    The brain on heat

    I know I’ve worked it out because I’ve managed to write a blog post. It’s such a wonderful release. There is this weight. And then it’s gone. I can happily report I’m not going potty. Not yet anyway. But there’s always a little niggle: ‘Is this the right answer?’ Sometimes, it can feel so right…

  • Long-term cognitive health in the every day

    Long-term cognitive health in the every day

    We all claim there’s no time, but every day is nothing but time.

  • Sitting is deadly

    Sitting is deadly

    It is claimed that people who sat for more than eight hours a day are at a 15 percent greater risk of early death. While that’s uncomfortable, the real problem is that doing the recommended amount of daily exercise doesn’t cancel the negative impact of sitting. Are you sitting while you read this? Apparently ……