Sweating over autumn leaves

It’s a fine autumn day, in tone at least though not according to the date, and the leaves are falling. For the first time, with thanks to the Year of Sweat, I actually enjoy sweeping them up. The stride of the broom is longer and stronger, thanks to my new found strength.

I noted that my neighbour has electrified his approach to autumn leaves. Out came the leaf blower, then the lawn mower.

While I swept and scooped and squashed, manually, these crisp goldens into my green bins, he …

Sweat Cards: How to start a successful exercise regime?

Australia is gripped by a heatwave beyond memory that has been linked to climate change, and I’m writing a post about a game to increase opportunities to sweat!!  Could I be so insensitive. Actually, the idea is not as trivial as it first appears. Before the heatwave hit, I was building ideas for my littleContinue reading “Sweat Cards: How to start a successful exercise regime?”