Tensely managing tenses

I noted a trend when I looked over past field trips. The first couple of write ups were a hotchpotch of past and present tense, not from deliberate choice but because I just didn’t take enough care.

Then I shifted into writing in past tense. Each night during my holiday in Victoria, I posted some highlights and photos for family and friends back home. These were written as if they were a letter home or a diary entry; “Today, we walked …”. Notes made along the way came in handy when I returned home and wrote up some reflections on the experience.

This pattern started to change with a visit …

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Weekly photo challenge – Inside

The theme for this week’s WordPress Daily Post photo challenge is Inside. Rather than an image of the inside of an object, I think the aim is to get us thinking about the relationships involved, that is the relationship between the thing that is inside and the thing it is inside.

I haven’t got anything in stock that fits that criteria. It was time to give some thought to producing an image for the challenge.

Inside is often associated with …

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Year Of? A funny name for a category

Why do I have a blog category called Year Of? Well, actually, there’s more than one. There’s 2012, 2013 and now 2014.

The title is not particularly original. The Year Of format can be seen in many places and is used by many organisations as a means of focussing attention on a particular problem. I decided to personalise it, and then discovered I wasn’t the first person to do that.

Posting is erratic. As with many new year resolutions, activity declines as the year progresses. Is the Year Of category worth pursuing?

But why am I asking this question?

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Blogging for attention

. The taxi arrived.  I turned off the garden hose and grabbed my bags.  Two hours into my bus trip, I stiffened in alarm.  Did I close the front door?  It was another two hours before I reached a phone.  It was the middle of a working day and no-one would be able to reassure me […]

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