A different approach

Beware unintended consequences because you might get what you asked for. This wasn’t what I had in mind when I said ‘Bigger’! But first a bit of background. Before starting this site, I read some how-to-blog blogs and gathered a few tips and tricks. First, be informative and inspirational if you want to encourage peopleContinue reading “A different approach”

Walking Online

I finally built something! This is my Year of Building, it’s only November and I finally built something. There wasn’t much pre-thought. Suddenly, before I could talk myself out of the commitment, I was building a new website about walking tracks in Parkes. It’s called, funnily enough, Walking in Parkes. I did do a little homework firstContinue reading “Walking Online”

Weekly photo challenge – Express Yourself

. Expressing yourself is the main aim of a personal blog.  This week, it’s also the theme of the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenge. I try to stay upbeat in my contributions to the blogging world.  That’s why I removed the original post that contained these birds.  It wasn’t online for long.  This was back beforeContinue reading “Weekly photo challenge – Express Yourself”