The Dying Socials

I’m returning to my core. When family spread their wings and joined Facebook, I bristled and decided to try blogging. A number of reasons – somewhere to put photos, somewhere for family to check up on me, learn how to write (you can’t do that on Facebook) and, the big one, explore this big wideContinue reading “The Dying Socials”

A different approach

Beware unintended consequences because you might get what you asked for. This wasn’t what I had in mind when I said ‘Bigger’! But first a bit of background. Before starting this site, I read some how-to-blog blogs and gathered a few tips and tricks. First, be informative and inspirational if you want to encourage peopleContinue reading “A different approach”

Walking Online

I finally built something! This is my Year of Building, it’s only November and I finally built something. There wasn’t much pre-thought. Suddenly, before I could talk myself out of the commitment, I was building a new website about walking tracks in Parkes. It’s called, funnily enough, Walking in Parkes. I did do a little homework firstContinue reading “Walking Online”

Weekly photo challenge – Express Yourself

. Expressing yourself is the main aim of a personal blog.  This week, it’s also the theme of the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenge. I try to stay upbeat in my contributions to the blogging world.  That’s why I removed the original post that contained these birds.  It wasn’t online for long.  This was back beforeContinue reading “Weekly photo challenge – Express Yourself”