Sweating over autumn leaves

It’s a fine autumn day, in tone at least though not according to the date, and the leaves are falling. For the first time, with thanks to the Year of Sweat, I actually enjoy sweeping them up. The stride of the broom is longer and stronger, thanks to my new found strength.

I noted that my neighbour has electrified his approach to autumn leaves. Out came the leaf blower, then the lawn mower.

While I swept and scooped and squashed, manually, these crisp goldens into my green bins, he …

Weekly Challenge – Seasonal

:: This week’s challenge was “Seasonal”. And once again it has been an interesting learning experience. I just wish I hadn’t lost my house keys along the way. Seasonal means “of the season”.  Here in Canberra the season is Autumn which leads to thoughts of transition. It also means an increase in the number hot air balloons,Continue reading “Weekly Challenge – Seasonal”