Is it farewell to on-campus study?

This is probably our future. It is highly likely that a lot of tertiary education will stay online, even when we can move freely again. It suddenly dawned on me the other day: I miss the libraries. I miss the New Arrivals shelves where books from different departments would all sit together until they wereContinue reading “Is it farewell to on-campus study?”

Walk Number 18 – Australian National University

It was my walking buddy who summarised today’s walk around the campus of the Australian National University – it was a contrast between the green glory of nature and the dramatic architecture of a growing university. I’ve added a few adjectives for extra effect.

Walk Number 18 was described as …

Mt Stromlo Observatory

This weekend’s walk with my camera was pre-planned. I’d booked my spot on the tour a month ago.

Mt Stromlo holds site tours every few months and they are well worth attending. They are free. There’s more standing than walking, but you get to see inside buildings normally closed to visitors. The guide was great.

The 2003 fires destroyed …